Party & Class Activities

  1. Fairy Grottos & Dinosaur Dens: Kids will love learning about different plants, root systems, sedums, seeds and bulbs as we plant them together with rocks, pods, crystals and pixie dust to create their own magical world for their fairy or dinosaur to live in and care for!
    Each child gets to choose their own special Garden Arts Fairy or Dino for their gardens! A Garden Arts Coloring Book of Fairies & Dinosaurs included.
  2. Magical Mandalas: Kids will discover the art of Mandala design by drawing &coloring their own beautiful mandala on board. Kids willbling and embellish each colorful shape with a variety of natural dried & fresh materials. These are truly wall worthy gems!A Garden Arts Coloring Book of Animal Mandalas included.
  3. Crazy Hair Creatures: Kids will create their own Crazy Hair Creature with recycled and earth friendly craft materials. We will then fill a special growing sack with soil & crazy hair magic to place on our creature to care for and watch grow! Be sure to make their appointments now for haircuts! A Garden Arts Coloring Book of Planting a Garden included.
  4. Good Bug/ Bad Bug Planters: Let’s learn about the harmful & beneficial bugs & insects in our gardens. After potting their own special plant in a planter, kids will color their own guardian insect to place on their planter to protect against any wrong-doing buggers! A Garden Arts Coloring Book of Bugs included.
  5. Face Painting & Glitter Tattoos: Transform your face, arms or legs through the painting talents of Garden Arts for Kids very own, Robin Johnson. Become a beautiful butterfly, princess kitty, rainbow princess, scary monster, super hero & more! Only professional, theatrical, non-hypoallergenic paint used…comes off easy with water and a bit off soap. Plus…everything looks better in glitter! Choose a special glitter tattoo to make your day extra special!
  6. Kaleidoscope Panels: Kids will learn the art of kaleidoscope through dissecting and learning the different parts of flowers & plants and turning them into beautiful transparent kaleidoscope panels! Hang them on your windows for a sun catching, rainbow surprise! A Garden Arts Coloring Book of Kaleidoscopes included.
  7. Teddy-Bear Dens: Everyone loves Teddy Bears! Kids will plant and create their own snuggly garden den with plants and natural materials their extra cute teddy bear will love to snuggle down in. A Garden Arts Coloring Book of cute Teddy Bears included.
  8. Worm Hotel: Kids will learn all about our wiggly friends and how they are most beneficial to our soil and gardens. By layering different natural materials in a recycled container, kids will see how worms break down compost into a rich, organic soil in this take home hotel! A Garden Arts Coloring Book of Wiggly Worms included.
  9. Eco-Egg Planters: These adorable egg shells are the perfect earth-friendly way to grow a variety of seeds, beans, plants and shoots in. Kids will document each egg with a number, name and picture and bring them home to care for and watch spring to life! A Garden Arts Coloring Book of Gardening Fun included.

  • 10. Jurassic Geodes: Let’s go back millions of years to when these magical rocks of crystals were made. Kids will learn how geodes were formed and see all the different varieties of geodes there are. Next we will make our own Garden Arts Geodes with special surprises inside! Let dry, and crack open! A Garden Arts Coloring Book of Geodes & Crystals included.
  • 11. Root Viewing Farm: Move over ants! A Garden Arts see-through planting box lets kids plant and watch the crazy root systems of various seeds, bulbs, plants and vegetables grow, twist and turn into an amazing maze! Watch the roots grow below the soil and see the foliage grow tall above the soil! A Garden Arts Coloring Book of Gardening Fun included.