About the Artist

Robin Kerith Johnson BFA, MS

Ms. Johnson’s formal training took place at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, the first art school in the U.S. to attain university status. At U of A, she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Illustration and was exposed to all forms of art, ranging from drawing, painting, ceramics, metalwork and textiles. Her Masters in Fine Arts, specializing in Natural Science Illustration, was earned at the University of California in Santa Cruz.

Her work in Natural Science Illustration has taken her to Africa, China, Japan and Mexico, working closely with Dr. Zsolt Debreczy, Research Director of the Dendrological Research Institute, illustrating exotic species of conifer trees for the encyclopedic “Conifers Around the World”. Dr. Debreczy is a world renowned research botanist, explorer and traveler. Ms. Johnson also worked alongside Dr. John Mickel, scientist and botanical curator for the N.Y. Botanical Garden and one of the world’s leading experts on ferns. Under Dr. Mickel’s direction, Ms. Johnson illustrated new fern species discovered by Dr. Mickel.

Ms. Johnson’s botanical paintings and art have been shown at the New York Botanical Garden, Wave Hill Garden and other institutions in the Tri-state area. Her professional career includes: 20 years of teaching art privately and in schools, muralist and faux finisher of residential homes and commercial spaces, theatrical scenic painting and textile design.

Ms. Johnson’s love of art, gardening, nature and children have led her to the creation of Garden Arts for Kids and she is delighted to share her vision with kids and adults of all ages!